Nauticalinfo has been developed by  Pierre Deseck.


Pierre Deseck is a Deep Sea Master who studied at the School of Navigation in Antwerp, Belgium. He served in the merchant navy from apprentice to master and sailed on the Cross Channel ships between Ostend and Dover for a number of years.  He also sailed as an apprentice pilot between Ghent and Flushing, and worked for about one year as Port Captain at Transunion. Folowing a career  at sea and ashore he embraced a teaching career at the School of Navigation for about 30 years. He is now retired as a Honorary Professor. During the last ten years he specialized in “The Rules of the Road”, “Shipping Operations”, “Shipping Administration”, and “Deontology”.


In 1985, Capt. Deseck obtained a degree in Harbor and Maritime Science at the University of Ghent.


Capt P. Deseck has authored about 10 books on maritime subjects, which are currently used in the merchant navy, the fisheries, the navy and in yachting. For two years he also was a ship owner where he learned all the ropes of Shipping Operations.


Capt. Deseck is a member of the Nautical Institute and the Royal Institute of Navigation.


At 70 years of age, the only remaining ambition of Capt. Deseck’s is to convey

 his knowledge and experience to all who are interested in the maritime affairs.